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Masaki Fujihata on Multiplicity

Fujihata Image

Masaki Fujihata is a pioneer of new media art. His CG work was celebrated in the 1980s, before his interests shifted to creating 3D sculptures Geometric Love and the stereo-lithography Forbidden Fruits. In the mid 1990s Fujihata produced canonical pieces of what would later be called ‘interactive art’: Beyond Pages and Global Interior Project. He has, since then, created many landmark works such as the 2003 Field-work@Alsace and the 2012 Voices of Aliveness. Fujihata’s Global Interior Project #2 won the 1996 Golden NIKA Award while Voices of Aliveness won an Ars Electronica Award of Distinction in 2013. Fujihata has held professorships at Keio University; Tokyo University; Ritsumeikan University, Paris VIII; Art University, Linz; Hong Kong Baptist University, and UCLA.

Please note, this interview is low tech. It was recorded during Covid19 lockdown.