Conference Intro & Keynote Videos

Introduction & Keynotes

Introduction to the Conference
Natasha Lushetich & Iain Campbell: Indeterminacy in the 21st Century

Keynote 1

Gregory Cajete & Leroy Little Bear, ‘Developing Resonance with the Sky Spirits of the Cosmos: Flux and Native Astronomy’

Keynote 1+1

Karen Barad, ‘On Touching the Stranger Within — The Alterity That Therefore I Am’

Keynote 2

Franco Berardi, ‘Freedom, a Philosophical Fake: The Virus, (In)Determination, Techno-determinism and the Problem of Free Will’

Keynote 3

Sha Xin Wei, ‘Indeterminacy and Ontogenesis’

Keynote 4

Vladimir Tasić, ‘The Pasts of Determinacy’